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Le Castellet International Airport since 2001

It was in May 2001 that work on airfield refurbishment, modernisation and restyling began. It was hardly seven months later, in November of the same year, that Le Castellet Airport became an upmarket international business airport and the No. 2 airport of the Var in the South of France. A real record !
The following infrastructure and installations were now in place:

  • New passenger terminal
  • New crew and passenger services
  • Approach lighting
  • IFR equipment for instrument landing
  • Control tower construction
  • Construction of five hangars offering top quality service to future users.

EXCELIS S.A., the owner operator, chose the best adapted solutions for the creation of an upmarket airport, specialising in the business and leisure markets.
Very special attention was given to the overall architectural design, so as to integrate fully into the Provençal style of the region, all the while ensuring efficiency and practicality.

As well, Le Castellet Airport is now playing an important role in the region as a forest surveillance platform in fighting fires.
Particular attention has been paid to protecting the environment and restoring the site to its original state. Over twelve months were necessary to enhance the Airport forest.

Le Castellet international Airport now represents a new aeronautical and economic value for the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region, and particularly for the development and commercialisation of the Business Park in Signes, Gemenos, Toulon…
The airport re-opened to air traffic on January 1, 2002.

The running of the airport is entrusted to Daniel André.

According its programme of protection of environment, the airport installed a photovoltaic power plant construction on the 5000 m² roof of the H5 hangar, launched in February 2010.

Airport Terminal

Designed to handle airplanes and passengers from all corners of the earth, Le Castellet international Airport has also developed and modernised its reception facilities. All refurbishments were studiously considered and the whole was designed to integrate with the Mediterranean-Provençal style.

The passenger reception hall has a lounge bar and an information desk. Embarking and flight access is made through a security control, composed of a metal detector doorway and an X-ray tunnel for all luggage.

The Airport also has a customs office, and a police and security (fire fighters, doctors, etc.) service.

Handling Excellence

The passenger lobby is equipped with an information desk and a lounge for crews. Boarding and access to flights is carried out through a security check, consisting of a gantry detector and an X-ray tunnel for all luggage (cabins and bunkers).

Handling and flight assistance are provided by the airport's SSLIA team, NATA Safety Certified - Universal Aviation Weather.


The International Airport of Le Castellet is located between Toulon and Marseille.
The Circuit Paul Ricard is just next-door to the Airport.

Aéroport International du Castellet
RN8 - 3100 Route des Hauts du Camp
83330 Le Castellet - France
: +33 (0) 494 983 999
: +33 (0) 684 116 986 (flight need)

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