Business aviation’s gateway to

The French Riviera.

We are proud to have become a Universal Aviation ®
worldwide ground support location



With its 1,750 metres, approach lighting, IFR installation, an Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting (ARFF) service, Le Castellet International Airport is now open to general air traffic and ranked in Category 5. Lift trials have been carried out. They ensured the runway able to handle aircraft of the following type:

  • Single and twin engine private propellor aircraft
  • Business aircraft, e.g. Falcon 900, 2000, Embraer, Citation, Learjet…
  • Passenger aircraft: Fokker 100, Embraer 135/145, BAE146, MD83…
  • Fighters : L39, Hunter, Alpha Jet, …
  • Helicopter : EC135, AS355B2, Dauphin…

Equipped with IFR, radio guidance control, and approach lighting accordingly to civil aviation rules, the Airport can handle aircraft of any country in the Schengen (PPR 24 hours for the customs), in complete security by day but also by night (on request). The landing or the take-off procedures are under control of Marseille Marignane.

Aircraft parking areas have been renovated and airplanes can be moved safely on the ground. Specific locations have been retained for helicopter parking.

Le Castellet international Airport

can handle all aircraft types (< 65T) with prompt and immediate refuelling. Le Castellet Airport has the ability to welcome all kind of helicopters.

Le Castellet international Airport has been chosen by the French ‘Sécurité Civile’ and the French "Marine Nationale" for Canadair training flights, Navy helicopters, and water bomber helicopters in forest-fire control.

Vigie (Service AFIS)

Built on three levels to a height of 14 metres, the new control tower provides a sweeping view of the entire Airport.
It is equipped with air navigation material meeting the IFR needs of modern business aviation:

  • VHF radio installation: 2 receivers, 1 back-up receiver, 1 recorder.
  • UHF ground installation : 1 transmitter to manage ground teams.
  • Weather report installation : local weather "Météo France" observation station with instant readings, as well as statistical readings.

NDB/LOC radio marker installation:

  • The local beacon has a monitor receiver, installed in the tower to check its performance
  • Flight map preparation facility and weather reports covering the whole of Europe and Trans-Europe
  • Control and adjustment of approach lighting from the tower
  • Lighting system and the parking area lighting are controlled from the tower
  • Two PAPI : for each runway direction
  • Two stoplights (revolving) : for both runway direction

Hangars & Parking

Parkings, hangars and connecting offices can be rent daily, for a weekend-stay, weekly, monthly and/or yearly.

For all kind of request, please contact Le Castellet international Airport at +33 (0) 494 983 999 or

  • Hangar H1 :

    up to 4 helicopters and/or single and twin engine private airplanes.
  • Hangar H2 :

    up to 2 airplanes, Falcon 20, Citation or Learjet.

  • Hangar H3 :

    up to 3 airplanes, Falcon 50, 99 or 2000.

  • Hangar H4 :

    up to 2 airplanes, Bombardier Global Express and/or Gulfstream 650.
  • Hangar H5 :

    up to 2 airplanes, Airbus A 319 or 1 Airbus Elite-ACJ and/or 2.